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Iron lady Wilderness Safaris has operated successful fly, sport and game fishing charters in the remotest areas of NE Arnhem Land and the Gulf of Carpentaria continuously since 1996. In that year owner Daniel Bergamo recognised the unique fishing opportunities in the area and left his successful charter business in Cairns to explore and open what is now recognised as arguably the most productive Barra area in North Australia. In 2002 an exploratory trip further south in the Gulf discovered previously unknown Sailfish and Marlin grounds. Subsequent seasons have proved beyond doubt that the area is Australia’s most exciting new sports fishery.

In 2011 Iron Lady Wilderness Safaris  for the first time fished the run-off on the famous Roper River which is situated 80 nautical miles south of Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria.  The season was highly successful and is being continued through 2012 and beyond

Today the business includes the 65’ luxury mothership Iron Lady, 35' Custom game boat Wild Turkey and a variety of sportfishing skiffs and tenders. During the first half of the year the fleet supports extended live-on-board Barramundi Fishing Charters in the estuaries and rivers of NE Arnhem Land as well as light tackle Sportfishing around the spectacular Wessel and English Company Islands. Come September the Iron Lady and Wild Turkey can be found south of Groote Eylandt doing battle with the abundant Sailfish and Marlin in this newly discovered fishery.

Captain Dan skippers both the Iron Lady and Wild Turkey, supported by a team of experienced guides and fishermen.

We are proud to say that more than 65% of our clients return time after time to experience the extraordinary fishing offered by these remote areas and the great atmosphere on the mothership Iron Lady. We are still enjoying the regular company of clients who first joined us on the exploratory charters in 1996.

If you are looking forward to your first trip, you can be assured you will quickly warm to Captain Dan and his team as they guide you on a fishing experience you will never forget

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Billfish, Sailfish, Marlin AND Barramundi. Australia's most exciting new fishery - September to December.

"Fishing for billfish and barra sounds like an odd mix but this remote island in the lower Gulf of Carpentaria offers excellent opportunities for both species - and heaps more! ". "You'll be hearing a lot more about this amazing area in the future"


Fishing World Magazine May 2004.


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