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Top 10 Australian Global Clothing Brands That Are Totally Worth Buying

In the 21st century, clothing is not just a human right. It is a trend that has become increasingly competitive, and everyone wants to outdo the other and become a pacesetter. Many clothing brands, especially in Australia, have come up, and it has now become tough for one to determine the best. All of them promise the unimaginable to their prospective clients through high-end adverts and flashy marketing strategies, and this has made it highly perplexing for people to choose the best.
If you want to stock your closet with products from Australian global clothing brands the next time you go shopping, below are ten brands that are worth buying.
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1. Cotton On Group

For many years, Cotton On Group has been in the forefront in producing high-quality clothes in Australia. This brand was specially made for people who want to maintain a classy lifestyle. The reason why this brand features on top of this list are because it pays maximum allegiance to its style, and offers a range of pieces that buyers can choose from. This means that you do not have to rely on it for a specific type of clothing. There is something for everyone at Cotton On Group. It has its headquarters in Geelong, Australia.

2. Country Road

This is one of the most celebrated Australian global clothing brand in the 21st century, thanks to its attention to detail during the design of its pieces. Clothes from this brand are strikingly trendy, and it is no wonder why a good number of celebrities and dignitaries flock to this brand. If you want something that will tempt others to use you as a fashion example, then you need to grab something from Country Road.
This brand has its headquarters in Melbourne, VA.

3. Billabong International Limited

Billabong is an Australian-based surf company that deals with clothing and other accessories such as backpacks, watches, skateboards, and snowboards. However, this brand doesn’t have products under its name, since it manufactures them under the name of other brands. It first traded in the Australian Stock Exchange in the year 2000 and has won various awards since then.
Despite designing clothes for other brands, Billabong makes it to our top 10 list thanks to their close attention to quality and class. Additionally, a product from them is highly durable, and you are guaranteed you will use the product you purchase for quite a long time. Its headquarters are based in Burleigh Heads.

4. Mooks Clothing Company

This is one of the best streetwear brands in Australia and was founded by Richard Allan, and Brothers Stephen and Peter Hills three decades ago, and has its headquarters in Melbourne. It was acquired by Pacific Brands in 2007, making it a brand of that is recognised all over the world. It mainly deals with high-end clothing and accessories.

5. XBlades

Despite being a favourite for many runway professionals, clothes from this brand are highly affordable. It presents a range of cuts and styles, all made of cutting-edge materials for maximum functionality and durability.
In case you need to change your wardrobe, but you are working on a tight budget, then all you need to do is to consider buying some pieces from XBlades. It has headquarters in Victoria, Australia.

6. Lover

This is a fashion label that was founded by Nic Briand and Susien Chong in 2001. Since then, this brand has produced thousands of quality collections that have earned it recognition in Australia and beyond.
This brand features unique collections, which draw inspiration from art, pop culture, film, and music. If you are looking for something Luxurious made in Australia that will make heads turn on the next red carpet event, Lover is a brand that will fulfil your desire to the maximum.

7. Ivory and Chain

The primary goal of designers of this famous Australian global brand is to make people who use their products to feel comfy, classy and take pride in their clothing. This is why they concentrate on designing unique clothes and accessories. If all you want is something that will not only make you look good but one that will make you different, Ivory and Chain will get it for you.
This brand has been on the market for a long time; hence you can rely on it for undisputed quality.

8. Hot Tuna Clothing

Hot Tuna Clothing is one of the largest fashion brands with headquarters based in Wentworthville, NSW. Apart from presenting different options and styles for its clients, this brand pays close attention to recent fashion trends, and you can be assured of a new arrival every single week. This means that if you do not find the type of clothing you need this week, you can bet that you will get it the next time you come to them.

9. Penny Skateboards

This company was founded in Australia in 2011 by Ben Mackay. Since then, it has become increasingly popular especially among the youth. It offers trendy clothing for both boys and girls, and they sell them at affordable rates. With penny skateboards, it doesn’t matter what you are looking for, or the goals you want to achieve with your clothing. There is something for every fashion lover.

10. Bonds

This is undoubtedly the largest producer and importer of clothes for men, women, and children in Australia. It is today a subsidiary of Pacific brands and has its headquarters in Melbourne. Whether you need quality underwear, sleepwear, or light casual garments, this brand has taken care of all your needs. The quality of their products is unquestionable; hence it is an ideal for you if you are looking for one of the best Australian global clothing brands that will fulfil your fashion desires.
If you are a fashion zealot, or you want to fill your closet with clothes and accessories from an Australian brand, you don’t have to stress anymore. With products from any of the above brands, you will not only be assured of quality, but you will also have something that will make you a trend that everyone will desire to emulate.

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